LEIF  TRAVEL is a boutique style company with its primary interest in tailor-made tours, business trips and educational tourism. Company founders and key employees have more than ten years experience in the industry and deep knowledge of deluxe travel products including palaces, yachts, villas and private jets. The USA was one of the favorite destinations of our company, so it named in honor of the ground breaker of North America – Leif Ericsson.

Located in the heart of Moscow we help our customers to reach probably the most distant parts of the world providing 24/7 supports and top-notch service. It doesn't matter whether you spend your weekend diving in Maldives or hold a congress in Barcelona – with LEIF you always feel like home. It is our customer oriented approach that helps us to gain leading positions in this particular field of travel business.

We believe that complete satisfaction with a journey is the most important thing for us, so we use our extended knowledge of travel products and flexibility in meeting customers' needs to make you travel with LEIF more and more. That is why we are chosen as a travel supplier by such companies as Ericsson, MicrosoftRUS, Shire and have become 'family travel agents' for prominent businessmen and arts people who know that LEIF means comfort and quality wherever they go.




From President of the US Bill Clinton's speech in White House on 6-th October 2000:

This year, as we mark the beginning of a new millennium, we also celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Europe's first contact with North America. At the turn of the last millennium, the legendary explorer Leif Ericsson - son of Iceland, grandson of Norway - sailed across the cold waters of the Atlantic from his home in Greenland to the eastern coast of North America, completing the first documented voyage of Europeans to the New World.